San Rocco Therapeutics, Acclaimed Gene Therapy Company, Files Civil RICO Lawsuit

May 5, 2023 | News

San Rocco Therapeutics filed an action for violations of federal RICO (Federal Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act), fraudulent inducement and unfair business practices in the United States District court for the District of Massachusetts against defendants Nick Leschly, Mitchell Finer, Phillip Reilly, Third Rock Ventures, Bluebird Bio Inc., and 2seventy Bio Inc.

Nick Leschly and Third Rock Ventures are some of the largest earners in the pharmaceutical industry in the last decade.

Nick Leschly made $24,000,000 in 2018, mostly by selling shares in Bluebird Bio. Mr. Leschly was the highest compensated pharma CEO in the world. The actions of the defendants damage each taxpayer and of course, at the expense of patients.

San Rocco Therapeutics (SRT) is a biotechnology/biopharmaceutical research company and a worldwide leader in gene therapy. SRT filed the 72-page RICO complaint on Thursday, April 27, 2023.
This RICO filing emanates from a November 2, 2020 settlement in the Supreme Court of New York between bluebird bio, Third Rock Ventures, and SRT. That settlement/decision confirmed SRT’s exclusive rights to gene therapy patents, which bluebird bio is infringing.
Misbehavior by pharma executives have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of patients. Recently, the Justice Department settled with the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma for abuses which helped create the opioid epidemic. Richard Sackler was the President and former board member.
In 2012, the Justice Department levied a 3 billion dollar fine against GlaxoSmithKline for treacherous behavior used during the clinical trials of the antidepressant Paxil. Thousands of adolescents committed suicide. The CEO during the clinical trial process of Paxil was Jan Leschly.


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