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Joseph Feldman

Joseph Feldman is a Director of the Company. Mr. Feldman has been a member and supporter of EGT and its goals to find a cure for TDT and SCD since 2004.  Mr. Feldman has over 35 years of business experience, including 25 years of floor trading in the Chicago trading pits. Mr. Feldman started as Patrick Girondi’s clerk, became an independent market maker and  eventually a specialist on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and a member of the CBOT, CBOE, CSE, and NYSE. Mr. Feldman is currently the owner and President of Bridgeport Securities Group (“Bridgeport”) which is an options trading firm in Chicago. Trading is now done on a computer but Bridgeport once had 20 plus traders in the various trading pits in Chicago. Bridgeport was also a DPM, or Specialist, on the CBOE from 1999 to 2004 and was responsible for making markets in 25 plus companies. 

Mr. Feldman is the owner and manager of JSF Real Estate LLC,  a real estate investment company owning several properties in the Chicago area. Mr. Feldman was born on Chicago’s south side and has resided in Naperville, Illinois since 1975. Mt. Feldman graduated from Lewis University in 1986 with a Business degree. 

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