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Paritosh Ladhani

Paritosh Ladhani


Mr. Paritosh Ladhani hails from a business family that happens to be the biggest Bottler for Coca-Cola India. His family has been the No.1 bottling group for the company for the last 20 years.

As an energetic entrepreneur, Mr. Paritosh Ladhani believes that the necessary offshoots to the leisure hotel industry like Spa and food outlets have to be world class. With his sharp understanding of business ethics, he values the amount of detailing and hard work. He has driven Radisson Blu Agra towards the greater heights
Mr. Ladhani and his family have supported rare disease research for decades. India has almost 300,000 Thalassemic patients. SRT is proud to have Mr. Ladhani on our team.

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